About you


Enough about us, we’re here to help you! But we need to understand what you need first.

I want great support and advice



We believe in building a partnership with our customers and work towards creating a good relationship with the key stakeholders and users in the business.

This starts with communication and our goals are to provide great support in a timely manner to our customers.

I’ve lost confidence in my current provider


Sadly we’ve seen this happen often, as businesses have come to us when their current reseller has let them down – or is simply not interested in them anymore.

We don’t want to take other people’s customers and always encourage potential customers to try to rebuild their relationship with their reseller – after all, it’s probably taken a great deal of time and money so far!

But if you have lost faith in your current reseller and want free, impartial advice on what to do next, just give us a call.


I’m interested in what Business Central can do for me

So are we, so come and talk to us so we can make it work for you. Whether you have outgrown Xero/Sage/Quickbooks and need more financial insight, or want to implement full blown manufacturing with integrated machines/software – we can help you get the most out of your software and help transform your business.

I want to do more with my Dynamics Business Central/ NAV system

So you’re already onboard with Business Central or NAV, but don’t feel you are getting the most out of it or fully utilising it? That could be down to anumber of reasons, but we’re sure we can help you get the most out of your software.

We can provide a full system review to try to establish the most cost effective way of making you happy. It could be that you have never been shown your system’s full potential, or been made aware of the many ways it can help you. We’re happy to do this, even if you end up staying with your current reseller and living happily ever after!

I want to add value to my business through IT

Talk to us about how IT improvements can transform your business and add value. IT is invaluable at providing insights and information based on data with the added bonus of automation and advancements in AI.
We’re happy to work with you to find the most cost effective way to achieve your goals and add value to your business

I want visibility and insight into my business

Whatever the data you are looking for there are various options as to how to obtain the information and we are happy to work with you to find the most cost effective method for your business.

Sometimes this is a simple as a page or report within Business Central or cues on a users role centre to alert them to outstanding items to enable them to perform their daily tasks in a timely manner.

Dashboards and reports can also be created at any level – these can contain high level financial data for managers and directors or order analysis and warehouse information for the operations team.  These can be integrated into one central area so that everything is in the same place.

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