Webexpenses, software to manage your business expense claims

Webexpenses’ cloud-based expense management software automates how your business manages expenses. With an integration with Microsoft Dynamics, submitting, approving, and reporting on expenses is simplified through our intuitive digital platform. Webexpenses’ multi-level workflow is configured to meet your needs, providing automatic compliance and custom reporting to ensure control and visibility is met within your business.

Benefits of using Webexpenses are:

  • Up to 3 hours saved per claim: Time will be saved by moving over to a digital approach for managing the full expense process
  • Up to 43% reduction in errors: With automatic policy enforcements and control, claim duplications, expense fraud and manual entry is reduced
  • Up to 400% ROI: With increased visibility, automation of T&E and only paying for active users per month, Webexpenses pays for itself.

Find out more today on how Webexpenses can automate your business expenses.

If you’d like to receive a demonstration of the system, please contact us.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Central integration with Webexpenses.


  • Create expense journals at the click of a button
  • Or if you manage expenses using vendors, create purchase invoices at the click of a button
  • Option to download copies of receipt images and store them against the record


Coming soon: If you have Microsoft Dynamics Business Central hosted on Azure, you can get the integration from App Source.


If you want to integrate to BC now then get in touch…

On Premise:

Talk to your reseller, they should be able to develop the integration for you.

If they can’t or won’t develop the integration and you are happy with them then we can supply them with the code you need to integrate.

For Business Central we can supply a private extension.

For NAV we can supply an object file.

If you’re not happy with your reseller then we can help.  Talk to us, either on the chat – it’s a real person on the other side, or give us a call on 0114 303 8020.

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